Saturday, 6 February 2010

Not Yet Spring

I wrote another Haiku today. I didn't know whether or not I should submit it to the Haiku website. I feel unsure of myself now. In the end I braved it out and sent it. I have to be prepared to receive positive and negative feedback.

My latest poem is called Not Yet Spring. I've been enjoying the warm weather we've had for the last couple of days but I know it can't last. It would be so easy to get lulled into a false sense of security; to believe that spring is in the air. But it's February. I do not believe for one second that we've seen the last of the snow, frost and ice. I looked out of the front bedroom window this morning and felt that on the edge of the horizon the cold weather was waiting, malevolently. Have I mentioned before that I hate winter? Well, I do and this poem sums up my feelings of dread, as I imagine more cold weather on the way.

Not Yet Spring.

a snarling dog waits
crouching on the horizon
the cold bite of frost

  As I stared out of the window a huge fox bounded across the lawn. It was eleven oclock in the morning. Most unusal, as I've only seen foxes at night before. He came to a dead end at the fence and I wondered if he might climb over. Instead he headed off down the path away from my house and towards the fields. I expect that one day I shall write something about him.


  1. Perhaps the sighting of the fox, was where I came up with the idea to use the metaphor, a snarling dog, to represent the cold weather. I thought of how my dog or one of my neighbours dogs would react to the sight of the fox.

  2. Keep writing haiku, and don't be put off by others. ;-)

    As you really like birdlife as well, you should check out: Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku

    You'll love it! ;-)

    Check the website out, and there's a nice lot of examples to enjoy.

    Wing Beats weblink: Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku

    all my very best,

    With Words

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  3. How nice it must bee to see a fox close to your house! Nice poem. I wish I could write poems, but thats hard. I write novells :-)
    Have a nice week, and let`s hope the spring is coming soon ;-)

  4. snow drop looks
    so fragile
    her white helmet outlasts the snow

    I'm waiting to read some more haiku